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Why the Culture Quotient?


Through work with numerous organizations spanning a variety of industries, we found that many experienced the same challenge with their culture - they knew something was wrong and they knew what type of culture they wanted, but even with all the measurements they were collecting, they weren’t seeing the impact they desired.  The CQ was created as a guide to enable organizations to understand their barriers in seeing their brand values materialize.

Obtain a 360 view of Culture

The CQ was created using EffectUX's patent pending data modeling process.  Using extensive research, structured and unstructured data, and hundreds of validated research studies, we discovered the over 70 attributes across 14 factors that are shown to create an environment where high performing cultures can thrive.

It enables you to discover how well your workplace culture brings people, technology, space and processes together to get things done in the best way possible.

UNDERSTAND WHERE YOU ARE COMPARED TO high performance cultures

Traditional surveys look for trends and patterns, however, often more efforts are needed to understand the causes behind the trends.  Because the CQ evaluations are run against an extensively researched data model, after our expert analysis, you will already know the causes behind the metrics as well as the actions to take for positive impact. 

This helps you identify broad organizational patterns and sub-culture needs across any variables that are important to you – for example, role, demographics, function, location etc.

Go beyond measurements with culture simulations

Our custom analysis includes rich content that enables delivery teams to understand the insights behind the numbers. 

The data model can also be used to run simulations that help you make the best decisions for your resources and budget by looking at cost, risk, effort, and impact to culture.


Bring together people, technology, space, and processes to operate in the best way for your employees and business.

Foster and grow a culture of learning, experimentation and continuous delivery, where people strive to excel as a team, to deliver on the business outcomes and provide a meaningful customer experience.  Through extensive research and our proprietary data modeling process, we have developed an Index to measure and provide insights into your Workplace Culture. 



Sadly, it has been found that by Gallup that 70% of employees are disengaged at work.  Many organizations measure their employee experience, but their efforts at improvement aren’t impactful. With a Culture Model as the basis for change, you can see what actions will impact sentiment and drive the workplace culture you desire.


4 Powerful Drivers of a Workplace Culture


The enablement of driving connections between people, their individual purpose, and each other.


The enablement of an environment where ideas can thrive and diverse perspectives can connect.


The enablement of the abilities, process and supporting environment to drive response, action and decision.


The enablement of the fluidity in place and type of work to support the desired individual and business goals.


"Sometimes it can be one or two things throwing off the whole thing, the Index isolates exactly what the barriers are, which enables you to focus on something actionable"

Executive Leadership, EY


How we can help you

foster the "start up" culture...when you are a large or complex organization.

Growth is a great thing, however, you can easily lose that spark and speedy culture of innovation that Start-Ups are so well known for.

The good news is, using the Culture Quotient, we can help you identify how to enable characteristics typically associated with Start-Up working environments such as:

  • Pace of execution.
  • Ideation and broadening of perspectives.
  • Employee development via exposure to experiences.
  • Transparency, purpose, and leadership.
  • And more!

Enable new Chro's, hr leadership, or M&A initiatives To make rapid impact.

New leadership trying to rapidly understand the current culture, or leaders of mergers and acquisitions trying to bring together two or more cultures, have a need to make impact quickly.

With the Culture Quotient we can:

  • Provide a rapid understanding of the cultural landscape.
  • Identify sub-cultures.
  • Understand the best to bring forward and the common areas of opportunity.
  • Simulate ideas and solutions to understand how to best spend resources.

Discover why you are trending low in employee experience or engagement

So many organizations trend low in their engagement measures, or spend time and effort to not see the desired ROI.  If you see employee engagement, satisfaction, or morale suffering, or, perhaps you are suffering from retention issues or not able to attract the right talent, the Culture Quotient can help you to:

  • Understand why employees are not invested in the company.
  • Where there may be a disconnect or perception gap between leadership, management, or individual contributors.
  • Make sense of your existing data.


We love to collaborate with other organizations who have services and products around creating fulfilling and productive cultures.  Some partnership benefits include:

  • Branded reports for your customers.
  • Incorporation of your data and insights.
  • Custom consultant dashboard to enable follow on efforts.

“They are experts at identifying the gap between our companies' perception of satisfaction and the actual experience and the formulation of the plan to improve that satisfaction.  They have a very effective and scientific way to gather feedback, analyze it, and present recommendations. I've seen them in action at Nike, and the sessions were, by far, the most informative, and directive.”  

- Greg, VP, Client Services


"Using their Index we created our roadmap to correlate to a 26% increase, a 12% gain compared to our existing roadmap.  We were able to make better decisions before investment."

Director, Commerical Banking