Find Out Your CQ

We currently offer a base Culture Quotient package that includes:

  • Branded evaluation for your employees.
  • Analysis by a Culture Quotient data model expert.
  • Comprehensive report including:  overviews, data break outs for different variables, and rich actionable content through deep analysis.
  • Interactive dashboard for data views.
  • Debrief with your CQ analyst.

After a baseline you have the option to add on follow on services including:

  • Workshops:  using your baseline to elevate and improve your employee experience and culture.  Your baseline and the data model will be used for simulations to figure out the exact actions needed for impact and to maximize your available resources.
  • Follow on consulting:  to guide you through your plans for improvement.


It really found out what the top actions would lead to impact and what our employees value.  We have already completed one and seen the improvement in employee engagement.  We are looking forward to continuing the plan and seeing even more impact!

- VP, People and Culture



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